Updated on 20th DECEMBER 2019

Series Book no:

Title of paperback edition

Price of Paperback
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eBook Availability

1 Practical Navigation (6th edition including 2008 Almanac) 600/- Not Yet
2 Marine Meteorology (4th edition Including Ship’s Weather Code) 400/- Yes
3 Shipborne Radar & ARPA (5th edition) 400/- Yes
4 Ship Stab at Operational Level (2nd edition) 400/- Yes
5 Bridge Equipment, Charts & Publications (1st edition) 180/- Yes
6 Ship Stability at Management Level (3rd edition) 400/- Yes
7 Nautical Watch keeping (2nd edition) 400/- Not Yet
8 Spherical Trigonometry (1st edition) 150/- Yes
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